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Estate Planning : Leaving A Legacy … or Leaving a Mess

Don’t be upset or surprised, but you are going to die. Not today ( I hope ! ), but someday. And like most people, you probably do not have “ Your House in Order ”. But doing some simple Estate and Legacy Planning could help give you Peace of Mind about your finances and final affairs.

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How to plan for rising Health Care costs in Retirement

Estimated cost for Health Care after age 65? Try $285,000 per couple in Assets needed today. It is estimated that the average couple will need $285,000 in today’s dollars for Medical Expenses in Retirement. That $ 285,000 does not even include Long Term Care and Home Health Care.

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What to expect in Your Retirement

Living Longer … Paying More … Getting Less … Uh Oh
What does Retirement look like in Our Lifetime ? Living Longer – According to Stanford University … This generation of Retirees needs to plan for possibly living 30 Years in Retirement.

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10 Tips for a Successful Retirement

Fraser’s “ 10 Step System ” helps you take control of your finances, health, and well-being with a holistic approach, so that your Retirement is the best chapter in Your Life Story.

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Are You DROP Retirement Ready?

Now that your participation in the Florida Retirement System’s “Deferred Retirement Option Program” (DROP) is ending, it’s time to decide how to take your DROP payment. Fraser Allport is a Specialist in the DROP Program.

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Need help with Your DROP Paperwork ?

As you prepare to Retire ...You will have many decisions, deadlines, and forms.   Congratulations on your upcoming Retirement ! You are about to make some of the most significant and consequential decisions of Your entire Life. You will need to make...

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Medicare and Medicare Supplements

As you head into Retirement, You have three major decisions in front of you : What are your choices for your DROP Lump Sum money ? When should You start Social Security ? Can You utilize Spousal Strategies ?
What are your choices for Medicare and Medicare Supplements ?

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How to Invest Your DROP Lump Sum?

What Happens to Your DROP Lump Sum Money when You Retire ? With 37 Years of Experience in Financial Services, Fraser Allport can help you with all your DROP and Retirement needs.

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Don’t Lose Money in Retirement!

As you prepare to Retire, you are about to make some of the most significant and consequential financial decisions of your entire Life. Whether it be Social Security, Medicare, or where to invest your DROP Lump Sum…

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Will your Social Security benefits be taxed ?

For many people, the answer is yes. But proactive planning before you retire could help you minimize Income Taxes on your retirement income. After years of planning for that perfect retirement, diligently investing your money, drawing up detailed budgets and wisely investing your assets, you still have one more big issue and expense: Income Taxes.

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