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Recent Market Volatility has once again proven the old adage that Markets fall faster than they rise, and that trees do not grow to the sky. Like Endless Summer … all Bull Markets end.


Millions of Retirees have just experienced a dramatic loss of wealth, security, optimism, and peace of mind. Countless Retirement Plans have either been delayed or destroyed.


Years of gain have evaporated in the space of only a few weeks.

What now ? Wait, hope, worry, pray, and hang in there ?


Instead of Peace of Mind in Retirement …
Millions now face stress, fear, and uncertainty.


And maybe even a reduced Standard of Living too.
You can’t spend what you don’t have.


My Clients are not in The Risk Markets.
My Clients are safe, because I am a Fiduciary.


For 39 Years … My # 1 priority for my Clients has always been :
Don’t Risk or Lose Your Principal in Your Retirement.


It’s time for You to Get Real Serious about protecting Your Life’s Savings and Standard of Living in Retirement. As we have recently seen, ignore warnings and safety at your own peril.


Get smart, proactive and involved with your Money
so that you protect it


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My name is Fraser Allport. My website is : www.fraserallport.com


I have been preaching and practicing SAFETY FIRST for My Clients for 39 Years.


I am a Fiduciary and an Independent Business Owner with 39 Years
of Experience. Losing Money late in Life can be both financially and psychologically devastating.


You cannot spend and enjoy your Money if it is being lost in The Risk Markets. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds all contain risk and price volatility.


I am a Fiduciary, Investment Advisor, and Certified Estate Planner™ who specializes in the FRS DROP Plan, Social Security, Medicare, Income Taxes, and Estate Planning.


When it comes time to invest your DROP Lump Sum, be guided by Common Sense and Safety. Don’t listen to those who are presently in the process of losing their Life’s Savings, and yours.




I have been in Financial Services for 39 Years, always preaching
Safety 1st for My Flock.


I will be here when You need me.


It is Too Late in Your Life to make Money Mistakes !


Be A Good Steward of Your Money.


Call Fraser, a Financial Professional with 39 Years of Experience.


You call a Professional for every other project in Your Life, right ?


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Starting any Project is the hard part, but Fraser can help
shepherd you with a Plan of Action.


Fraser Allport is a Fiduciary, an Investment Advisor, and
a Certified Estate Planner ™ with 39 Years of experience.
Fraser is an Independent, and the Owner.


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