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Social Security Income
is Guaranteed for Life


Social Security Benefits are an income stream you can’t outlive. That’s the simple definition of an Annuity : Guaranteed Lifetime Income, even if you outlive your Principal. Your FRS Pension is also an Annuity. 


The # 1 Question for those getting ready to retire is this : 


Will you have enough money to maintain your Standard of Living, and how long will your money last ? There are large numbers of people in the USA who don’t have enough money saved to maintain their standard of living in retirement. Everybody knows that’s a Fact. Is that You ?


Also, today’s Modern Medicine means a very loong Life for most people ( http://longevity.stanford.edu/ ).

So your Retirement Plans needs to factor in TWO IMPORTANT CONCERNS FOR ANY RETIREE :


  • “ Out of Pocket Medical Expenses ” ( those medical bills NOT covered by Medicare ); and also


  • Longevity. The very real Risk of outliving your Money.


My name is Fraser Allport


I have been Self-Employed in Financial Services
for 39 Years. 


I work for me, and for You.


My allegiance is to You.


Not some Big Company or Big Bank.


I am an Independent who runs my own Company,
so I can search the world to find you The Best Ideas …
for The Least Cost. 


I am a Fiduciary, Investment Advisor, and Certified Estate Planner™ who specializes in the FRS DROP Plan, Social Security, Medicare, Income Taxes, and Estate Planning.


I have been in Financial Services for 39 Years.


I will be here when You need me.


Fraser Allport is a Fiduciary, an Investment Advisor, and a Certified Estate Planner ™ with 39 Years of experience.
Fraser is an Independent, and the Owner.

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